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The Complete Corrective Exercise Library is targeted toward Fitness Professionals (encompassing Gym Instructors and Personal Trainers) who want to know and employ the most effective ways to improve a client’s movement capabilities through the use of corrective exercise.

The Complete Corrective Exercise Library contains:

  • The Complete Corrective Exercise Library digital text material
  • The Complete Corrective Exercise Library videos
  • The Complete Corrective Exercise Library online tests

Available Course Credits

ACE 2.20
ACSM 22.00
BOC 9.50
CIMSPA 10.00
CSEP 15.00
Fitness Australia 8.00
ISSA 20.00
NETA 14.00
PTAG 23.00
REPS NZ 8.00
REPs UAE 7.00
Virginia Board of Physical Therapy 9.50

Learning Objectives

In the Complete Corrective Exercise Library participants will:

  • Learn different kinds of corrective exercises for improving movement and overall musculoskeletal health
  • Understand how to safely reduce imbalances in muscles and soft tissue structures with various types of exercise modalities
  • Explore the benefits of nearly 200 corrective exercises (with progressions and regressions) for improved musculoskeletal health, strength and overall conditioning
  • Understand successful corrective exercise performance
  • Learn corrective exercise tips and precautions for functional training

Upon successful completion, course participants will:

  • Know which area(s) of the body and which imbalances specific exercises will target
  • Understand the anatomical benefit of performing particular exercises
  • Be able to direct clients in how to successfully execute corrective exercises
  • Identify problems or issues that may arise as clients are performing corrective exercises
  • Know how to progress and/or regress corrective exercises based on a client’s ability and performance goals

Course Content

Important Course Information - Please Read Carefully
Introduction to The Complete Corrective Exercise Library
How to Use The Corrective Exercise Library
Lesson 1 - Self-Myofascial Release Techniques
Lesson 2 - Stretching Exercises
Lesson 3 - Strengthening Exercises
The Complete Corrective Exercise Library Course Completion Information

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