Corrective Exercise Program Design

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Corrective Exercise Program Design is targeted toward Fitness Professionals (encompassing Gym Instructors and Personal Trainers) who want to learn how develop effective corrective exercise programs for addressing muscle and movement dysfunction caused by musculoskeletal imbalances.

Corrective Exercise Program Design contains:

  • Corrective Exercise Program Design digital text material
  • Corrective Exercise Program Design videos
  • Corrective Exercise Program Design online tests

Available Course Credits

ACE 1.30
ACSM 13.00
BOC 5.75
CSEP 15.00
Fitness Australia 7.00
ISSA 13.00
NETA 14.00
PTAG 13.00
REPS NZ 7.00
REPs UAE 10.00
Virginia Board of Physical Therapy 5.75

Learning Objectives

In the Corrective Exercise Program Design course, participants will learn:

  • Important insights into client motivation and behavior
  • Communication strategies for working with clients who have corrective exercise needs
  • How to conduct successful corrective exercise consultations
  • Variables that can positively or negatively influence corrective exercise program outcomes
  • How to design individual corrective exercise sessions and a complete corrective exercise program
  • About maintaining scope of practice with regard to corrective exercise services

Upon successful completion, course participants will:

  • Know how use their skills to develop effective client communications
  • Have the skills and be able to demonstrate how to write corrective exercise programs that improve movement capabilities and musculoskeletal health
  • Know how to conduct a corrective exercise consultation
  • Be able to effectively communicate musculoskeletal observations and corrective exercise program outcomes to clients
  • Understand how to sell corrective exercise programming to clients
  • Know how to structure a corrective exercise session
  • Understand how to design a series of corrective exercise sessions that will improve muscle and movement dysfunction related to musculoskeletal imbalances.

Course Content

Important Course Information - Please Read Carefully
Introduction to Corrective Exercise Program Design
Lesson 1 - Building Successful Client Relationships
Lesson 2 - Conducting Consultations
Lesson 3 - Consultation Wrap-Up and Sales
Lesson 4 - Structuring Sessions and Programs
Lesson 5 - Written Case Study Client 1 (Marion)
Lesson 6 - Video Case Study Client 2 (Melanie)
Lesson 7 - Scope of Practice, Networking and Referrals
Corrective Exercise Program Design Course Completion Information

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