The Fundamentals of Corrective Exercise

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The Fundamentals of Corrective Exercise is targeted toward Fitness Professionals (encompassing Gym Instructors and Personal Trainers) who want to learn about the types and uses of various corrective exercise strategies and techniques that can be used to improve a client’s movement capabilities.

Available Course Credits

ACE 1.70
ACSM 17.00
BOC 4.75
CSEP 15.00
Fitness Australia 7.00
ISSA 17.00
NETA 13.00
PTAG 18.00
REPS NZ 7.00
REPs UAE 7.00
Virginia Board of Physical Therapy 4.75

Learning Objectives

In the Fundamentals of Corrective Exercise participants will:

  • How to build a client’s confidence as they are introduced to corrective exercise
  • The types of exercises that can be used to improve a person’s movement capabilities
  • What self-myofascial release techniques are and when to use them
  • How stretching exercises can be used to increase mobility and range of movement
  • How strengthening exercises should be introduced into corrective exercise programs to help clients move correctly and without limitations
  • Strategies for regressing and progressing exercises as appropriate to a person’s abilities

Upon successful completion, course participants will:

  • Understand the most effective exercises for increasing a client’s movement potential in an exercise setting
  • Learn the skills to facilitate better movement in muscles and fascia using self-myofascial release techniques
  • Understand how to increase a clients’ mobility and range of movement using specific stretching exercises for flexibility
  • Be able to demonstrate strengthening exercises that will enable a client move correctly during functional training
  • Learn valuable strategies for regressing exercises as necessary, and then progress exercises as a client’s abilities improve for overall conditioning.

Course Content

Important Course Information - Please Read Carefully
Introduction to The Fundamentals of Corrective Exercise
Lesson 1 - Elements of Corrective Exercise Programs
Lesson 2 - Self-Myofascial Release
Lesson 3 - Stretching
Lesson 4 - Strengthening
Lesson 5 - Prolonged Static Postures
Lesson 6 - A Better Understanding of Corrective Exercise
The Fundamentals of Corrective Exercise Course Completion Information

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